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Robert Finley
Natif de Grande Bretagne où il fait ses études musicales au Trinity College of Music de Londres, Robert Finley est ingénieur et a étudié le piano avec Louis Kentner, Vlado Perlemuter ...
Il a donné de nombreux récitals aux Etas-Unis, en Argentine, en Israël, en France et en Allemagne, et avec orchestre en Angleterre. Il a enregistré trois disques et a été lauréat des concours internationaux d'mateurs de Berlin, New York, Forth Worth, Colorado Springs et Washington. Il est le créateur du concours international des amateurs de piano à Boston, qui a lieu tous les deux ans. sa carrière d'ingénieur en électronique s'est déroulée chez General Dynamics.
Robert Finley was born in Hull, UK, and started to play the piano at the age of seven. He won a scholarship to Trinity College of Music in London to study piano and musicianship.
In 1976 he was awarded the ARCM Diploma with Honours from the Royal College of Music. He studied electronic engineering at the University of Sussex and gained a BSc Honours degree.
He studied the piano with some of the world's finest concert pianists including Norma Fisher, Albert Ferber, Michael Lewin, Gabriel Chodos, and played in the masterclasses of Louis Kentner, Jorge Bolet, Vlado Perlmuter, and Bernard Roberts.
He has given recitals in the UK, USA, Argentina, Israel, France, Germany and played concertos by Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Mozart, Mendelssohn and Schumann with symphony orchestras in the UK.
An expert in MIDI sequencing, his recordings of classical music are well known on the internet.
He recorded three CD albums for the Pianomation TM player piano system. Robert Finley won prizes at international piano competitions for amateurs in France, Berlin, Fort Worth, New York, Colorado Springs, reaching the finals and semifinals in many of them.
He gained second place at the 2004 WIPAC competition in Washington DC. He is the President and Founder of the Boston Piano Amateurs Association that organizes a piano competition for outstanding amateurs every two years, as well as recitals, masterclasses, and soirees.
He retired from General Dynamics as an electronics engineer in 2006 and spends most of his time concentrating on music.